Rasht Shahrdari Cultural Promenade in the center of Gilan Province, welcomes you, Whether you are a local food aficionado, or a window shopper of modern shops or local rural bazaars.

Rasht Shahrdari Cultural Promenade


The first things to catch your eyes in the central square of the city, will be Rasht Shahrdari (municipality or city hall of Rasht) and the buildings around it, all constructed during the reign of Reza Shah Pahlavi in early 20th century. Baladieh (old name for municipality) or Shahrdari was founded in 1907 and then renovated later in 1926. Rasht Shahrdari was in use until 2015 (now it is a museum). The architecture of the buildings around Rasht Shahrdari represents the old architecture of Russian cities especially those of Saint Petersburg. Other historic buildings include Gilan Post Office Headquarters, the old building of Iran Hotel, and The Central Library of Rasht.

Nowadays, tourists not only care about the monuments but also the paths leading to these monuments. These pathways provide them the opportunity to have as much local touch as possible, Which is desirable for many travelers, especially the young on

es. Rasht Shahrdari Cultural Promenade, strengthens touristic attraction centers in Rasht and improves their status. This walkways with lots a statues representing the way of life of people of Gilan, are easy to be remembered in the memory of the travelers to the city forever.

The Pedestrian is always crowded with so many local people; a great opportunity for those who love experiencing local touch with the people always ready and willing to chat and of course to take selfies.
While in Rasht, have it in mind that you in the only city of Iran, registered as the UNESCO Creative City of gastronomy. Inside Rasht Shahrdari Promenade you can find lots of local restaurants and cafes to enjoy the diversity, fulfilling different appetites.
If you are just there to look at the stores, then you can spend surely a couple of hours visiting different modern shops as well as old local ones. Especially Grand Bazaar of Rasht that you will love to spend some times, smelling local fruits and vegetables presented by people from the neighborhood, olives and pickles, seeing various fresh fishes, alive chickens, local dishes and so on. Here every salesman has his own song for advertising his product.


Rasht Shahrdari Promenade

If by chance you be there on an especial occasion with some festivals in the city, then for sure you will find some local men and women in traditional costumes representing their handicrafts, foods, and even their music and dances. In this case you will experience the whole of Gilan in just 8.3 kilometers of sidewalks.
This was only for the first round of what is going around in Rasht Shahrdari sidewaks during the daylight until sometime around 8 or 9 pm. The second round of promenade starts at 10 pm. A perfect chance for seeing the night life of Rasht. Wooden carriages enter the parade with different types of meat on skewer ready to be grilled as “Kebab”. These peddlers are sometimes busier and more popular than luxurious restaurants. If you are not fond of Kebabs, a cup of hot tea is a great substitution not to lose!


Rasht Shahrdari 

In the Promenade, you might see a man’s statue on a horse. He is Mirza Kuchak Khan (1880-1921), an Iranian nationalist and revolutionary who made a local army in the forests and fought against the government. You will see and hear his name a lot in every parts of the city.
While in Rasht, do not forget to visit Gilan rural heritage museum, Mohtasham Garden, and the house of Mirza Kuchak Khan.
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Rasht Shardari Promenade
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