Badab-e Surt, The only natural site of a kind in Iran, known as the most bizarre-looking geological formations on Earth.

Badab-e Surt stepped travertine terraces are located in northern parts of Iran in Orost village, near Sari, the capital of Mazandaran Province. The formation has been created over thousands of years and it is a result of carbonate minerals remaining from flowing water of two mineral hot springs. The formation of Badab-e Surt travertine springs is located at the height of around 1,800 meters above the sea level and according to Mother Nature Network, it is one of the twelve most scenic travertine terraces around the world. The whole surroundings of Badab-e Surt travertine terraces are deep in the jungle at the mountainside providing a very quiet place suitable for a muse in the nature.



The similar travertine terraces in the world like Pamukkale in Turkey and the one in Yellowstone National Park are a suitable bathing spot but here in Badab-e Surt, it is forbidden due to preserving the place. Although, unfortunately, it is clear that lots of careless people, have already ruined some parts of the terraces formations.
You will see colorful pools in orange, yellow and red in Badab-e Surt travertine terraces which is the result of two different mineral springs with different characteristics. Due to the characteristics of the mineral water, it is considered to have many medicinal properties such as positive effects on rheumatism and some skin diseases.

To get to Badab-e Surt travertine terraces, first you should reach Sari. Then you have a couple of choices. To go by a local guide, by private taxis or all on yourself. It takes about two hours of driving from Sari to Orost Village, then a half an hour walk to Badab-e Surt. If you are not interested in walking, there are local people ready to take you up in especial trucks and to take you back to where they picked you.


All the people who intend to visit Badab-e Surt travertine terraces, especially nature lovers and photographers should take into consideration to be careful not to walk on the travertine terraces at all with shoes and boots, because they are really sensitive and as mentioned earlier it takes thousands of years to recover. Another point is that the best time of the day to go there is in minutes after sunrise or just before sunset to enjoy the view the most, however it would be a great experience all day around.

While in Mazandaran Province the you can also visit Damavand Mountain, Valasht Lake, Abbas Abad Jungles, Miankaleh Lake and other natural attractions.
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