Why I love traveling Shiraz over and over again?

Both a student and a tourist guide in Shiraz, my thirst for visiting such a gorgeous city has still not quenched. But what makes this city so wonderful to be visited time and again?

 I think the most alluring feature of Shiraz is not just the amazingly ancient and Islamic sites it enjoys, but it is also for nice people it has. They are generally known as the most comfortable and easygoing people in Iran; Even as a new comer, you can feel such an aura upon arriving in the city.

Shiraz has a great potential to be nominated as a ‘slow city’ – a project considering the quality of life in towns by slowing down the pace and by encouraging people to live a slow life. Unlike other cities in Iran, in the city of Shiraz, you will see lots of people in the streets hanging out in the gardens, parks, restaurants, and movie theaters. What they usually dream of is to have their own garden so as to get together!

Further, if you are a Persian literature and poems enthusiast, This is the city you will definitely fall in love with as most people in Shiraz dulcetly recite verses of poems from the two great poets Hafez and Sa’di who are also buried in this city.

Moreover, Shiraz enjoys one of the most agreeable climates of Iran and the best time to visit the city is in April and May as well as in late September and October. Spring of Shiraz  is a common expression among Iranians when they want to refer to a pleasant weather.

If you are fond of eating dessert, everyone in Shiraz strongly recommends that you try Fallodeh; that is what I miss the most whenever I leave Shiraz. This simple, inexpensive dessert is made up of starch noodles mixed in crushed ice together with rosewater, sugar, and a bit of lime juice.

The city of Shiraz is where you have no problem speaking English as people in the city tend very much to talk with you with their beautiful English accent. They love tourists and their hospitality is unmatched.

The City has many amazing tourist attractions as it used to be the capital city of Iran during the Zand and Buyid dynasties. Some 50 km off the city, there are two UNESCO-registered World Heritage Sites; namely Persepolis and Pasargadae; In sum, It has a lot to offer! You will enjoy it more and more every time you visit it!


Baback Khademi

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