Unique architecture, scenic spots of nature, authentic lifestyle and the history of the village have made Palangan a potential item in every bucket list of travelers to Iran.

The whole Kurdistan province is a must-see in Iran, but put lots of your time and energy for Palangan, because it is really worth going a descent backpacking trip. By a simple googling of “Palangan Village” you will see lots of praiseful expressions like the jewel in the mountain, or a village that looks like something from out of this world, a village in a fairy tale and so much more. Palangan village is certainly real, however, they are not wrong!

The best way to go to Palangan is from Sanandaj (the capital city of Kurdistan Province). It is about two hours of driving. You can go by bus, taxi or private cars. The road itself is quiet scenic and photogenic.


Palangan village is not as famous as popular Masouleh or Kandovan villages among travelers, but a unique one per se. Houses of the village are built with rocks, at two sides of a valley on a mountainside on steep. This causes the rooftop of one house be the yard for the above house, at the same time. A perfect example for the closeness and friendship of the inhabitants together along with the nature. Several narrow bridges connect both sides of the village, because there is a river in between and the surrounding nature is a place, replete with gardens and scenic spots to take photos, to spend some time and relax.

Every morning in the Palangan village, you will see shepherds leading the sheep herd out to a suitable place for grazing. These sheep were in the village overnight just close to the inhabitants and each morning are led out of course with the help of sheepdogs! Add to this vision happy Kurdish boys and girls playing and riding donkeys. Old men in traditional costumes sitting and musing deeply that you will be curious about the thing they think. And the women in colorful dresses, gathering in two, three or four on flat roofs of the stone houses talking to each other and covering their faces under their veil as soon as they see you as a sign of modesty and shyness. The people of the village are mostly in the fishing industry, farming and animal husbandry.


While among these very nice and hospitable people of Palangan village, if you feel hungry, fresh fish (trout) kebab in a local restaurant is strongly recommended. The taste is just unique as they use spices, consisted of mountain vegetables and herbs and of course their kindness and hospitality, which you will never find in any other restaurants. Try the fish kebab with local bread and drinks.

Going to Palangan village is a time-tunnel traveling. You will see the history lively in front of you, however, if you are curious about the origin of the village, it is not quite clear. There are some ruins of an ancient fort in the vicinity of the village dating back to more than 2000 years ago. No one is sure about the exact date Palangan village was founded, but its origin is for the pre-Islamic period and it has been inhabited since then. There is also a very old graveyard with some tombstones proved to be from around 1200 years ago.

The travelers who have visited Palangan village say that three or four hours suffice to see the whole village but the majority of them have spent the whole day in the village. Please take into consideration that there is no hotel in the village, so you should ask somebody that may have a room to rent. Otherwise, you should take a tent with you to spend the night inside.


Visiting Palangan village during a ceremony is really a blessing as you will see the unique Kurdish cultural heritage. Iranian New Year celebration, Nowruz, held in the middle of March is one of the ceremonies. A few days before the actual Nowruz, the whole villagers gather around the river and a large fire is lit. Then Kurdish singing and dancing begins. The ceremony keeps on for several days. Other ceremonies include the Yalda Night, the longest night of the year, weddings of the villagers, a few times per year, and some religious ones like Eid Al-Fitr at the end of the month of Ramadan, Eid Al-Qorban, and The birthday of Prophet Mohammad.


While in Kurdistan Province you can also visit Zarivar Lake, Shalmash Waterfall, Hawraman Village and other natural attractions. Contact Marcopolo via incoming@iranmarcopolo.com for more information on tours including Palangaan Village or other natural sightseeing in Kurdistan Province.


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