If you are an avid fan of mountaineering, Taftan volcano is among the best.

Taftan Mountain Rages would give you an incredible chance to savor of your every moment in an incredible trip to southeastern Iran near Pakistan border.

Taftan is the name of dormant volcano whose summit height reaches to 4000 meters above sea level. However, there are arguments as to correct height . According to different sources, it varies from 3950 meters to more than 4000 meters above sea level. Not withstanding the point mentioned, It is one of the tallest mountain ranges in Iran.

Taftan in Indo-European languages refers to heat. As it is a dormant volcano, sulfur gas emits from its craters.

Mountaineers usually prefer western wing of to climb, as there is an equipped mountain hut available for them. The route to the hillside is also a scenic beauty, as you will pass through green plains, gardens, water streams and a flowing river whose source spring lies well in Taftan Mountain. There are three lakes in the heights. One of them can be used for boating in warmer seasons.

Taftan mountain ranges stretching for 12 km cover an area of 1800 square kilometers. Three dormant craters with ever-emitting sulfur gas provide you with a wonderful perspective. Taftan has four summits as follows:

1- Ziarat

2- Madar Kuh (it means mother mountain as the volcanic summit)

3- Sobh Kuh (It means morning mountain) which is Taftan’s northeastern summit

4- Nar Kuh (it is to the west of Madar Kuh)

Mountaineers should reach to the foothills through Zahedan – Khash road. 145 km from Zahedan, the sign shows you the path to Taftan.

It may take you some three to four hours to arrive at the Taftan mountain hut. There you will find a golden opportunity to chat with Baluch locals and have your breakfast. If you intend to spend the night in the hut, you can take wonderful photos as well.

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