Architecturally astonishing, Tabatabaei house takes you back through time to see how people triumphed over the dry climate conditions!

Architecturally astonishing, Tabatabaei house takes you back through time to see how people triumphed over the dry climate conditions!


Tabatabaei House is one of the best samples of historical houses of Kashan, more elegant and more beautiful than almost all. Back in 200 years ago the definition of a house and the majesty of a one seems to be a bit different than what we know today. Then, science was in harmony with nature and mankind to make a masterpiece.

Kashan was once one of the most important cities of Persia (hit by heavy earthquakes a couple of times), full of large traditional houses, because it was home to many wealthy merchants, especially in Qajar era (1790-1925). Back then, Kashan was known as a famous commercial city. But during the time, lots of these once big and gorgeous houses have been divided to smaller ones and some of them are even destroyed by the blowing air of abandonment and neglect.

Historical Nashtifan Windmills

Every remaining famous houses of Kashan have their own particular features i.e. having the biggest wind catchers, best stuccowork, or the biggest courtyard. However, the principle of design in all of them is the same. Among all these, Tabatabaei House is the most beautiful one and is dubbed as the “bride” of Iranian Houses.

Tabatabaei House is completely survived from the destructing wave of modernity and now open to public as a museum. The house covers about 5,000 square meters. It consists of three parts, which are classic features of traditional Persian architecture: The “Biruni” (the public area), “Andaruni” (the private/women’s quarters), and a special place for crew, “Khadame”. The house has forty rooms, four yards, three Badgirs (wind catchers) and two Qanats. It is in “Soltan Amir Ahmad” district near a bathhouse with the same name.

Tabatabaei House was being built for more than ten years around 150 years ago. It is famous for its elaborate stone work, fine plaster and stucco, lattice windows, and eye catching mirror and glass work. The main courtyard of similar houses have three or four windows but this one comes with seven due to its high social status, wealthy owner. The sunlight shining through the colorful glass work makes the interior drown in mixture of brilliant colors.

Tabatabaei House has four courtyards. The main one has two large rectangular blue pools with fountains. These ponds help the weather to be even fresher. Two are for Andaruni or private parts, one for the servants and crew. There are also two patios in the southern wing with beautiful paintings and decoration.

When you enter the house the art of symmetric architecture catches your eyes and a breezy air blows your face gently. The whole area of the house is cool in summer and moderate in winter. In hot summer days the residents used to stay in the basement halls several stairs under the courtyard level. Attached to the wind-catchers and using the dehumidifier system, the temperature is quite lower and much more pleasant. It is especially sensible in summer or hot mid-days. The difference in the height level of the house, which is six meters blow the surrounding surface is done by almost twenty stairs to enter the mansion’s surface. This elevation also protected the house and the residents from sand storms and harsh climate of the desert time to time.

One fantastic feature of these houses is their intricate structure. No house exceeds the height of any others! Moreover, the courtyards and the doorways do not show any hint of the majesty inside. The interior is concealed well to ensure the privacy of the family as an eminent element of an Iranian house.

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