Rudkhan Castle, Nature and History’s Carnival

Rudkhan Castle is a fortress with an area of 2.6 hectares built on two mountain peaks connecting them together. Considering the fact that more than half of the castle is still not open to public, so somehow a small village by itself. Rudkhan Castle is made up of brick and stone in a medieval style built deep in the heart of the jungle-covered mountains, 25 kilometers to southwest of Fouman. Fouman is one of the big cities of Gilan Province in north of Iran, popular for cultivating top quality rice due to the weather and soil condition. Gilaks (the local inhabitants) used Rudkhan Castle to defend against Arab invaders at the end of Sassanid Empire (around 650 AD).

The easiest way to reach Rudkhan Castle is from Rasht, the capital city of Gilan Province via Fouman. The taxis and private cars are available in a station in Yakhsari Square in Rasht for this 50 km drive. You can also go with an expert Marcopolo driver guide, more convenient much more knowledgable (sometimes there are very few cars for returning from the castle to Rasht). In the entrance of Rudkhan, there is a walking parade abound with stores selling locally produced foods and handmade dolls and tools as souvenirs. Also a great opportunity to meet the locals and people from all over Iran. There are some accommodations available if you decide to stay overnight.

The History

Then after this parade, the long way, towards the castle starts. Prepare yourself to step up 1000 times over and over, slowly but gradually, as the Persian proverb says about a real walker. On the way up, you will see lots of stalls selling water, local tea prepared on fire and other refreshments. Photographic scenes of trees of dense forests and Rudkhan River removes the tiredness that may come to you. The final turn will be a bit of heroic and movie-like when you encounter the great entrance gate of this centuries-old castle. This is the scene that makes your complete one day trip really worth it. Inside Rudkhan castle you can spend another couple of hours to enjoy every small details of it. The architecture of the castle and its 42 towers are really wonderful and makes everyone to think about the way the architects and workers brought the materials up there. Being a military castle justifies the reason. Rudkhan Castle has two main parts, one for the royal family and one for the soldiers.

What will you see?

Consider stopping for several times to rest a bit and some photography and relaxing in several small teahouses on the way. This 1000 steps shouldn’t take you more than one and a half hours. And don’t worry about the number of the steps as if you don’t have any leg, knee or other foot issues, you can climb up even at the age of 90. However, take this into consideration that you should return the same way you stepped and climbed up! In fact, it is a castle of 2000 steps! So save enough energy for that as well. Last but not least, remember that the doors of Rudkhan Castle closes at 6 p.m. and also pay attention of your return to Rasht, not to be too late.

While in Fouman, trying its popular cookies known as “koluche” filled with walnut paste can be a real blessing which is available in bakeries all over the town. You can also visit Masuleh, Fowsheh Village, and other attractions in Rasht. Contact Marcopolo via for more information on tours including Rudkhan Castle or other natural and historical sightseeings in Gilan Province.


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