If you are a pottery artworks, metal Antiques aficionado and Persian carpet enthusiast, Kashan traditional bazaar is the one to visit.

Kashan Bazaar, located in the middle of central desert of Iranian plateau is a construction gained its importance for the first time, as bazaar, in Safavid period, 400 years ago. That time, Isfahan was at the pinnacle of its status in Iranian history as the capital of glorious Safavid dynasty, with Kashan as one of their resorts. It was almost leveled to the ground in the heavy earthquake of xxx and been restored in Qajar era by Fath-Ali-Shah when there was fairly a stable condition in Iran. So, whatever visitors see is a Qajar structure. It has two main corridors with some caravanserais around, the most famous of which is called “Amin al-Dowleh Timche”. This caravanserai is a wonderful example of Iranian architecture with its masterpiece dome build by bricks and some decorative tiles in the form of stalactites ascending to the center of the dome where your eyes meet the sky through the hole for the sunlight to creep inside. There are two wooden gates for the caravanserai and one is home for a traditional teahouse and it will certainly give you an unforgettable memory of sipping tea in one the most beautiful caravanserais in Iran.


Bazaar of Kashan has some other institutions similar to other bazaars in Iran such as hammams (traditional public bathhouse), madrasas (religious schools), mosques, etc.

One of the historic mosques in the bazaar is the Seljuk-era mosque called Masjed-e Soltani (Soltani Mosque). This mosque has been also rebuilt in Qadjar period. With its ever-green pine trees in the yard it now accommodates a religious seminary with students having their own Qajarid rooms as dorm on either side of the pool.


Kashan bazaar is composed of two main corridors with some other off-shoot alleys. Although market is similar to old bazaars but the harmony of one profession, one corridor has been lost due to the changing patterns in marketing and you can expect to see colorful professions on each turn and the most important item besides handicrafts, carpets and spice is the rose flower distillate.


While in Kashan, you can also visit Agha Bozorg Mosque, Tabatabaei and Borujerdiha House, Abbasian House, Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse, Ameriha House, Tepe Sialk and other historical attractions. Contact Marcopolo via incoming@iranmarcopolo.com for more information on tours including Tabatabaei House or other historical attraction in Kashan.


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