Stars Valley

Astonishingly beautiful, mysterious, and outstanding, are the words that travelers use to describe valley of stars during of their visit of Qeshm island in Persian Gulf, Iran. This extraordinary and unique place has been created by the erosion of sand and soil due to the seasonal storms and surface water during the ages, but who cares about the scientific reason while the local people of the region believe that it has taken such a form as a result of a star collapsing many years ago. This seems more convincing also for you, if you experience the spiritual atmosphere of this place and hear about the stories of aliens, ghosts, and goblins at night from the local people.   The mysterious shape of sandstones in this area is not the only reason for their believes, but also the astounding sounds at night is another reason when the wind blows through the hollow structures of the stones.

The fabulous structure of the valley of stars was enough to be known a natural phenomenon as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sites in the Qeshm Geo-Park which is the only Geo-park in the Middle East.

This prominent naturally-formed valley is an interesting touristic destination in the south of Iran. It is located in the north of Berkeh ye Khalaf village, 5 km away from the sea. Only 15 minutes drive from the Qeshm city center, you can have a little hike to the top of the rocks and experience the breathtaking, sensational and impressive view of the valley of stars.

The best time to travel to Qeshm Island is in winter, late autumn or early spring as Qeshm Island is located in Persian Gulf where is extremely hot and humid in Summers and gets to over 45°C. You can also visit other magnificent landscapes such as Khorbas Cave, Hara Forests, Strait of Chahkouh in the largest Island of Iran.

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