Emad al-Doleh Mosque, A beautiful 19th century attraction to visit while discovering the Bazaar of Kermanshah.

Many travelers who visit Kermanshah want to see the ancient monuments of Taq-e Bostan and Bisotun. However, to discover the rich culture of the local people one should walk in the city, especially the old bazaar. While doing this walking tour inside the historical quarter of Kermanshah, you can visit some eye-catching attractions such as Tekyeh Moaven ol-Mulk and Emad al-Doleh mosque.
Situated in the old town area, you can find the main entrance (the Eastern side) of Emad al-Doleh mosque in Zargarha (smiths) Bazaar with a 17th century wooden door, which had been in Imam Ali’s (599-661) shrine in Najaf (today Iraq) and moved to here as a sacred object for prayers when the mosque was built. It has been recolored unprofessionally lately but still demonstrate its high value clearly.


The old door of Emad al-Doleh mosque

Emad al-doleh mosque was constructed around 150 years ago by Imam Qoli Mirza Emad al-Doleh, one of the governors of Kermanshah, during the reign of Nasser ed-Din Shah of the Qajarid dynasty.
The mosque has the famous Iranian plan with 4 iwans (porticos), one in each side of a square shaped court yard facing each other. The southern one towards Qibla is the main iwan, higher than the other three, with more decorations, opening to a big roofed prayer hall.
There is a clock tower over the northern iwan, and the twin symmetric iwans on the eastern and western wings. The arcs are well decorated with seven color tiles. The main Mehrab (prayers niche) of the mosque in the southern prayer hall has beautiful tiles, completed by a decorated dome as well.


Emad al-Doleh mosque

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Emad al-Doleh mosque
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