Ali Sadr Cave, a must-see natural attraction in Iran for cave and mountain enthusiasts.Ali Sadr Cave or Saard, meaning cold, is a grand river-cave system located around 75km to the north of Hamedan (in a province by the same name). It is usually considered suitable for a one-day trip. You can expect lots of local touch experiences because it is among Iranian tourists’ favorite destinations, especially at weekends. Ali Sadr Cave is adjacent to large cities such as Hamedan and Zanjan, and a recommended attraction for travelers. All in all, spending one, two or even three hours, crossing a dark cave by paddle boat and in some parts, walking across some points can be wonderful and special for anyone fascinated in rare natural attractions like this.


Due to a network of watery passageways, channels, and lakes which are spread around over several kilometers, like Katale Khor system in Zanjan province, Ali Sadr Cave is one of the largest water complexes lying and operating under the surface of the earth in the world. Since its formation, millions of years ago, the cave is still in good shape and you can enjoy its clear waters, fantastic rock formations, and stalactite and stalagmite covered walls and ceilings. There are no living creatures in the cave’s water and it is totally colorless and odorless. The water is so transparent that one can see to the depth of 10 meters with the naked eyes in ordinary light.

The height of some parts of the cave reaches up to 40 m and the depth of the river in some parts is 14 m. The temperature inside the caves is 16°C and the water is always 12°C, so it is rather cold and putting on some extra clothes may be useful. So far, 14 kilometers of the cave’s canals have been explored, but only some four kilometers have been illuminated and ready to use. In winter Ali Sadr Cave is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., however in summer it’s open till 9 p.m.

Another interesting point about Ali Sadr Cave is the evidences of its historic background. Archeological studies and excavations of the cave by Iranian and foreign experts have led to the discovery of ancient artworks, jugs and pitchers dating back to 12,000 years ago. Animals, hunting scenes and bows and arrows are depicted on the walls and passages of the exit section.

There are taxis and private cars in Hamedan that go to Ali Sadr Cave and return regularly which takes about one hour from the city. You can also go to Ali Sadr Cave by an experienced driver guide of MarcoPolo.

There are accommodation facilities like hotel rooms, villas, suites, and tents available nearby Ali Sadr Tourism Complex if you feel like staying overnight and exploring the surrounding area.

While in Hamedan, you can also visit Ibn-e Sina (Avicenna) Tomb, Hegmataneh Hill, and Tomb of Esther and Mordechai and other natural and historical attractions. Contact Marcopolo via for more information on tours including Ali Sadr Cave, or other historical or natural sightseeing in Hamedan Province.

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